About Josh

About Josh Cosmetics
Hi Guys, Josh Here! I started Josh Cosmetics when I was 15 Years old, whilst still in school. Little did I know that 6 years on I would be here today, with you amazing people surprising me every single day. I went from the Boy who sold Glitter in the Playground to Manufacturing and Producing Cosmetics being Sold World Wide, with the goal to Bring the Best Quality Cosmetics for the Best Prices. Whilst doing my part to make the world a much better place and here's how;  
Mission 💪
Here at Josh, we aim to produce the best possible products for our customers! Customers of Any Age, Any Race & Any Gender.
Josh Rhino Campaign 🦏 
Every Year, I personally donate profits to an amazing rhino orphanage in Africa! Which take in orphaned rhinos after their parents have been cruelly poached, not only are you buying products but supporting the rhino babies too. 
My Promise 🤞
Most of Josh Cosmetics Highlighters, Pressed Glitters, Pigments and Selected Skincare Products are Handmade here in the U.K By Myself Josh! 
Using only the best Luxury Ingredients, Formulas and Infused with Love.
All formulas are designed to be the upmost universal for everyone! Why? Because we are all equal and we all deserve to GLOWW